Workshop - Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology

Mercredi, 25 Mai, 2016 - 15:15 - 15:40
Radu Stoica
Univ. Lille 1, France
Some statistical analysis examples of spatial data: road network dynamics, orbit detection, spatial debris distribution, planetary perturbations, galactic structures

Spatial data is made of elements having two components: position in an observation domain and characteristic measured or associated with the given position. In this talk we deal with several examples of such data sets: road networks evolution in forest exploitations, the gravity centre positions of a binary asteroid system, the coordinates of the artificial spatial debris around the Earth, the map of the planetary perturbations affecting the comets dynamics, the galaxy centres observed in a region of our Universe. Due to this structure of the data, spatial coordinate and associate mark, the question almost always arising in such a data analysis is what is the pattern hidden in the data? The answers to this type of questions may be formulated using methodology based on probabilistic and statistical theory: summary statistics, modelling, MCMC simulation, statistical inference and results evaluation. This talk gives a brief presentation of some of these tools, especially tailored for the application on the previously mentioned examples.




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