Thematic Semester 2013 - Perspectives in Analysis and Probability

The Lebesgue center chose to devote his first thematic semester, to be held in spring 2013, to the rich and close links between probability theory, analysis and the study of partial differential equations. The semester will highlight major recent advances in this broad field and will promote interactions between researchers from many different backgrounds and specialities. Among other events, an international Opening Conference, four thematic workshops and a Summer School will be held in Rennes and Nantes.


Opening Conference

Dates: Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 2013 , Location: Rennes, Contact: A. Debussche, F. Malrieu

Workshop 1: Randomness and PDEs

Dates: Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 April 2013, Location: Nantes, Contact: Ph. Carmona, F. Hérau

Workshop 2: Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

Dates: Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 May 2013, Location: Rennes, Contact: J.-C. Breton, F. Malrieu

Workshop 3: Backward Stochastic Differential Equations

Dates: Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 May 2013, Location: Rennes, Contact: M. Gradinaru, Y. Hu

Workshop 4: Stochastic Differential Geometry

Dates: Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 May 2013, Location: Rennes, Contact: J. Angst, I. Bailleul

Summer School on KPZ Equation and Rough Paths

Dates: Monday 3 to Friday 7 June 2013, Location: Rennes, Contact: A. Debussche, M. Gradinaru

NASPDE Conference

Dates: Tuesday 10 to Wednesday 11 September 2013, Location: Rennes, Contact: J. Erhel, E. Faou, T. Lelièvre




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