Inauguration - Launching ceremony of Annales Henri Lebesgue


Nantes, march 30th

Organization board: Marianne Bessemoulin, Vincent Colin, Benoît Grébert, Frédéric Hérau, Xhensila Lachambre, Nicolas Raymond

Scientific board: Xavier Caruso, Dominique Cerveau, Sébastien Gouëzel, San Vũ Ngọc

The Annales Henri Lebesgue is a high level journal, supported by public institutions, and entirely free both for authors and readers. It is run by mathematicians for mathematicians, to assure the preservation, diffusion and valorization of our work. The creation of the Annales Henri Lebesgue reflects a growing concern of our community, namely the increasingly aggressive approach of commercial publishers: regularly increasing prices without appropriate justification, obliging libraries to buy bundles, imposing their vision of Open Access, in particular forcing authors to support publication costs.

We will celebrate the launching of the journal in Nantes, on March 30th. In programme a round table on scientific publications and three introductions to Geometry, Analysis and Statistics.